delivers amazing Ecuadorian flowers, but they need your help. Follow these simple maintenance guidelines and you’re on your way to keeping the flowers healthy, for maximum enjoyment.

1.       Trim each stem every few days. Stems will naturally brown over and decay a little which ultimately stops water intake. Snip the bottom of each stem to keep your blooms hydrated and full of life.


2.       Keep the water clean. When the water becomes cloudy or discolored, change it. Dirty water will block the stems and hamper hydration. Be sure to add some flower food each time you refill.


3.       No direct sunlight, drafts or ripening fruit around your flowers. This along with good air circulation will extend the life of your flowers.  And, no placing them on top of a television or radiator either.


4.       When a flower begins to wilt, immediately remove it from the vase. Your flowers will naturally bloom and wilt at different times. Wilted flowers look sad and can harm your other flowers.  


5.       Enjoy your flowers!